Why Social Media Branding needs to be Consistent

You need to get serious about your branding!

Social Media can be so much more to your business than you may think. Most business just use Social Media as a place to spew content too and hope for it to stick to the walls. Maybe, and it’s a big maybe, you just might pick up a deal here, a client from that Facebook profile you sometimes look at, maybe even a few sales from twitter that you might not have had before.

Let me ask you a question: When you are sitting in front of your TV at night watching your favourite show and the advertisements come on, what do you do? We reach for our phones.

We look at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. etc. Your customers are visiting all of these social media platforms and are researching brands they are interested in. According to a study by Socialnomics, Social Media influences a shocking 93% of shoppers buying decisions.

It is very important that as you and your business grows the message you convey to your current or potential customers is branding consistency. You have an opportunity to stand out in a crowded market place but you need to have a uniform image. Here are some additional benefits of brand consistency:

  • Gives your business a unique personality and an identity
  • Differentiate your business against all the other brands out there
  • Customers will remember you
  • Boosts your authority in the marketplace
  • Increases customer engagement, loyalty and can influence a buying decision

In closing: Your customers are online, they are searching for you and they recognise consistency in the message. They are proven to be more likely to make a buying decision based on your social media presence so maybe it is time to step back and think about consistency in your brand.