You are losing Money by not Capturing Client Emails

A lot of small businesses do not take the time to capture their client’s emails addresses, and if they do capture them they do nothing with them. This mistake could be causing you to lose sale opportunities from some of your biggest fans.’

Unlike other forms of marketing, the people on your email list have chosen to receive information from you, either through a previous purchase or by actively wanting to know more information about you. It is so common now for companies to ask for an email address from people that most of us are becoming more selective on who we hand it out too, so you are halfway there when you do reach out to them.

A few quick reasons why should you collect email addresses?

  • By sending emails to your customers, you keep your business and brand top of mind. In a world full of information, a friendly email now and then will keep your business in the minds of your customers.
  • It’s an affordable option. Storing emails with automated sending options can be free, depending on the number of emails on the list.
  • With a list of email addresses, you can send promotional emails to entice customers to buy from you. Send an email that offers a deal or a discount. Maybe a discount for a particular holiday period such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day.
  • It can be automated. Have you ever heard the term Sales Funnel? For email marketing purposes a sales funnel is essentially a set of trigger emails that dependent on how your client joined your list, will depend on what emails they receive. As a simple example, a client joins email list from an enquiry form on your site, they automatically they receive a welcome email, 2 days later they receive another email with some valuable information on your business, Day 5 they may receive a discount code .. and on it goes.
  • Turn your Social Media Followers in to customers. Most social platforms do not have a direct purchase option. By giving away some form of value you can request an email address in return and begin the email marketing process.

So how do we capture an Email Address?

A great free starting point is to set up email capture tools such as Mailchimp. They allow you to not only capture an email address but to also create email campaigns and you can automate the process.

Not only that but If you have an online store component you can set up Mailchimp to email clients that may not have completed the shopping cart process, email clients 30 days after a purchase for feedback or send product ideas based on a previous purchase.


In closing you need to start capturing email addresses to ensure you do not leave sales on the table. More importantly you need to continuously engage with your list by providing valuable information or offers. The reward for your business If you get this right will be dramatic.